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Internship and Work Placement Programme:

SCAFA's professional programmes are designed to get people working - and to push this along we offer our students (1) a place on our Work Placement Programme or (2) an internship in our in-house French bistro SCAFÉ.

SCAFA understands the importance most students place on work placement and has well-developed processes to ensuring our students have the best opportunity to secure work, within the UAE and internationally. The work placement programme at SCAFA includes:


  • Work orientation as part of the education programme that replicates working conditions
  • CV assistance and distribution
  • Arranging interviews and interview practice
  • Reviewing offers and advice
  • Work placement services are offered free of cost to students.

SCAFA has an excellent track record of placing students. We work closely with all successful students to ensure that they receive calls for interviews, are properly prepared and advise them on the suitability of offers that they receive. We work with Marriott group, IHG, Accor, Emaar and other brands. SCAFA supports all of the students until they reach a placement or internship that they are happy with to start their career. SCAFA was officially awarded on the 15th of November 2018 the title of Culinary Academy and Placement Partner for IHG in the Middle East. We are continuously building our relationships with new and old hotels and restaurants. Apart from UAE market we have also placed students in International markets such as Copenhagen, UK and Australia.

There is no cost to students who require placement - it is an important part of the growth of SCAFA students. In some instances, students may even receive a stipend from the training organization.

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Internship and Work Placement Programme